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Tanvex BioPharma, Inc. is a publicly traded (6541) clinical stage biopharmaceutical company based in Taiwan and the USA. Specializing in research, product development, manufacture, and commercialization of biologic and biosimilar drugs, the company’s mission is to create and deliver safe, effective, and affordable treatment options for consumers facing serious illness. The near-term product focus is on biosimilars.

A Winning Strategy

Over the next several years, many of the leading biologic products will lose their U.S. patent protections. This, along with recent U.S. legislation that allows for the production and regulation of biosimilars, has created a significant opportunity and opened the door for an entirely new industry to emerge, delivering safe, effective, and affordable biosimilars to those for whom the cost of the original biologics may have placed treatment out of reach. This is anticipated to have as big an impact on healthcare as generic prescription drugs have had over the last 30 years.

Capitalizing on this opportunity, Tanvex BioPharma has built a robust, deliberately flexible enterprise with the ability to rapidly adjust course, as the market situation demands. The team is small, experienced, and nimble. The company is well-capitalized, the facility equipped to handle both mammalian and microbial cell lines, and the process and manufacturing infrastructure built to proactively accommodate increased scale and the production and distribution of commercial quantities. The entire enterprise is vertically integrated and managed in-house end to end. This gives the company enviable control of its destiny. It can rapidly shift to address issues and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Tanvex BioPharma is poised to repeat the success of Dr. Chao’s first company, Watson Pharmaceuticals, this time in the biopharmaceutical space.

The Tanvex Advantage

Combining a highly talented team with a proven record of success in the pharmaceutical market, state-of-the art technology and expertise, and true vertical integration of in-house processes from research to development to commercialization, Tanvex BioPharma is uniquely situated to steadily gain share, respond to market and regulatory changes, control product quality, drive down cost, reduce time to market, and deliver on the promise of biopharmaceuticals for all stakeholders. Our competitive advantage is based on:

Strain and cell-line development in both microbial and mammalian systems

A stellar team of experienced industry leaders headed by the visionary Dr. Allen Chao, founder of Watson Pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer of both branded and generic prescription drugs

A change-ready executional model designed to sustain consistent, steady growth and long-term success

Complete vertical integration and control of in-house processes from research, analytics, characterization, and cell line development, to purification and harvest

Mammalian and microbial cell line expertise and development infrastructure

State-of-the-art technology and equipment

Flexible manufacturing capabilities

Intelligent capitalization with a long-term investment perspective

A proactive investment in readiness to scale production and distribution and reduce time to market

Expertise with the FDA and regulatory community

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Tanvex is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (Symbol: 6541), For the stock quotes information, please click here.

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