Vertically Integrated Biologics Company

Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to drive greater good.

At every level in our company, our singular focus is to deliver value through safe, effective and affordable biopharmaceuticals, starting with biosimilars targeting neutropenia, breast cancer, metastatic colorectal cancer and psoriasis. Not only will these medications provide critical, often life-saving benefit to patients at favorable cost, they will profit our shareholders, staff, and partner and payer communities as well. Our aim is to deliver end-to-end advantage, benefiting all stakeholders throughout our value chain.

Company Overview

In 1984, Dr. Allen Chao helped ignite a revolution in healthcare as a pioneer in the off-patent “generic” drug industry. As the founder and visionary of Watson Pharmaceuticals, he had a mission to drive down the cost of prescription drugs and extend their availability to millions of patients who otherwise couldn’t afford the medications they needed. In just ten years, from 2005 -2014, generics are estimated to have saved our healthcare system over $1.68 Trillion* – more than $3 Billion a week.

*Generic Drug Savings in the U.S., 2015 Edition, Generic Pharmaceutical Association

More than thirty years later, the revolution continues at Tanvex BioPharma. Here, Dr. Chao and his dedicated and talented team are applying the same passion, experience and expertise for improving the availability and affordability of pharmaceuticals to a new generation of drugs: biopharmaceuticals, including biologics and their non-branded, off-patent drug equivalents, biosimilars.

Producing biologics and biosimilars in sufficiently large quantities, while maintaining quality and consistency, is a complex challenge that has contributed to their high cost. Today, through more efficient in-house, end-to-end manufacturing and innovative, patent-pending processes, Tanvex BioPharma is revolutionizing the biopharmaceutical industry. We offer a truly, fully vertically integrated manufacturing platform for biopharmaceuticals. By controlling the entire process from R&D and cell-line development through to the filling and distribution of vials and syringes, Tanvex BioPharma can achieve enviable quality and consistency, and respond with unparalleled agility to rapidly changing market and regulatory demands.

Tanvex BioPharma is at the forefront of this emerging industry, poised to repeat the success of Dr. Chao’s first company, Watson Pharmaceuticals, this time revolutionizing the biopharmaceutical space by developing and delivering safe, effective, and affordable biologic and biosimilar drugs to the people whose lives depend upon them.

As a global business, Tanvex BioPharma has successfully united operating teams in Taiwan and the United States, a strategy that provides efficiencies, scale, and multi-faceted scientific thinking.

Our Approach

From the outset, our approach has been strategic: Build a company that can sustain itself over time; execute with agility and persistence; quickly respond to regulatory changes and opportunity; attract, nurture and grow stellar talent; respect the environment; and create and deliver value to every stakeholder.

Our culture prizes creative thinking and innovation in pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence. Our multi-product facility meets stringent global regulatory requirements and utilizes the latest “green” technologies, affording maximum flexibility, rapid turnaround times, and reduced cost and time to market. Purpose-built, our infrastructure supports the company’s microbial and mammalian cell line development, process development, and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) capabilities.

The Value of Vertical Integration

Tanvex BioPharma is a vertically integrated company, with end-to-end capabilities from R&D through to commercialization, well funded and unencumbered by partnership or contractual agreements that can create drag or inertia.

Mammalian and microbial cell line development and characterization, master cell selection and cell “seeds” are produced in the company’s Taiwan-based lab.

Second generation upstream development takes place in the U.S. facility, where working cell banks are grown and reproduced in quantity, and monitored for stability, expression level, and the physical and biologic properties most similar to the reference products, preparatory to harvest. Investments in high-volume production facilities, microbial fermenters and mammalian bioreactors ensure the ability to scale quickly for product commercialization.

Downstream activities including purification and packaging take place in-house in the U.S. plant. The facility also incorporates warehouse space for storage of product prior to distribution.

Combined with its executional model, this gives Tanvex BioPharma unprecedented self-reliance, control and flexibility, for a unique competitive advantage.

Board of Directors

Mr. Horng-Dar Lin, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Current Key Positions

    Chairman, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

Dr. Allen Chao, CEO, Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    Board Director, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Chairman, Tanvex Biologics Corporation

    Chairman, Tanvex Biologics, Inc.

    Chairman, Ansun BioPharma, Inc.

    Board Director, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Trustee, Taipei Medical University

  • Previous Experiences

    Chairman, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2008)

    CEO, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (1984~2007)

Dr. David Hsia, CSO, Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    CSO, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Board Director, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Advisor, Advisory Committee of Allianz Pharmascience Ltd.

  • Previous Experiences

    Senior Vice President, R&D, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (1990~2008)

    Vice President, R&D, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (1984~1990)

Mr. Lung-Yeh Cho, Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    Board Director, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Board Director, TaiMed Biologics, Inc.

    Board Director, RenBio Holdings, Ltd.

    Board Director, RenBio Inc.

    Board Director, OBI Pharma, Inc.

    Supervisor, Ruenhui Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Yun Yen, Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    Board Director, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    President and Chair Professor, Taipei Medical University.

    Chair, The Chinese Oncology Society

    Advisor, Advisory Committee of Allianz Pharmascience Ltd.

  • Previous Experiences

    Professor and Physician, Medical Oncology, City of Hope National Medical Center, USA

    Chair, Molecular Pharmacology Dept., City of Hope

    Associate Director, Translational Research, Comprehensive Cancer Center, City of Hope

Dr. Henry Chen, Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    Board Director, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Managing Partner, Delos Capital

    Board Director, Allecra Therapeutics GmbH

    Board Director, Apama Medical, Inc.

    Board Director, Atia Medical, Inc.

    Board Director, BAROnova, Inc.

    Board Director, Curatia Medical, Inc.

    Board Director, Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  • Previous Experiences

    Partner & Co-Head of Asia, Permira

    Managing Director & Co-Head of General Industrials Group, Asia ex-Japan, Goldman Sachs.

    Associate, Davis Polk

Dr. Chuan Shih, Independent Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    Independent Director of the Board, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Director, Distinguished Investigator Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes.

  • Previous Experiences

    Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, Crown Bioscience Inc.

    Distinguished Chair Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Distinguished Eli Lilly Scholar.

    Research Lab. Eli Lilly.

Mr. Lee Chiou Chang, Independent Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    Independent Director of the Board, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Independent Director of the Board, Taya Group

    Independent Director of the Board, Acme Electronics Corp.

    CEO, Sun Ten Group.

    Chairman, FOCI Fiber Optic Communications, Inc.

    Chairman, Panion & BF Biotech Inc.

  • Previous Experiences

    Chairman, Yuanta Securities Finance Co., Ltd.

    General Manager, Grand Cathay Securities Co., Ltd.

    Board Director, Taiwan Stock Exchange. Corporation

    Team Leader, Taiwan Securities & Exchange Commission

Mr. Jin Pau Tsai, Independent Director of the Board
  • Current Key Positions

    Independent Director of the Board, Tanvex BioPharma, Inc.

    Board Director, TransGlobal Life Insurance Inc.

    Board Director, Tuntex Incorporation

    Board Director, FCB International Leasing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    Board Director, Orient Recreation and Development Corp.

    Chairman, Jia Guang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Chairman, Wan Shi Da Enterprise Co., Ltd.

  • Previous Experiences

    Vice CEO, CEO, Deputy Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Taiwan

    Vice Chairman, Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Trust Co., LTD.

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